YWFT Burtonian Dingbats Font

YWFT Burtonian Dingbats Font
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YWFT Burtonian Dingbats Font
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YWFT Burtonian
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Well known for his distinctive style, Tim Burton is an icon in the film, animation, and design industry. His work has inspired countless artists to openly embrace the wild and the impossible through stunning visual artistry that's heavily steeped in exaggeration and quirkiness. YouWorkForThem pays homage to Burton's remarkable body of work through our latest type design, YWFT Burtonian. This handcrafted font is an inky delight with an eccentric and playful personality. Contextual and stylistic alternates offer designers plenty of flexibility with their lettering, allowing for myriad combinations with one-of-a-kind results every time. YWFT Burtonian is peculiar and charming in equal measure, the perfect choice for eye-catching signage, product packaging, logos, labels, and any project that needs an offbeat, handmade approach to its design. If you love the visual appeal of handcrafted type but want to skip the hassle of drawing your own, YWFT Burtonian makes it easy to incorporate a touch of the strange and unusual without getting your hands dirty or saying "Beetlejuice" three times. (Take it from the Maitlands - you don't wanna do that.)
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May 28, 2017
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YWFT Burtonian Dingbats
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