P22 Speyside Initials Light Font

P22 Speyside Initials Light Font
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P22 Speyside Initials Light Font
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P22 Speyside
Copyright (c) 2010 by Torleiv Georg Sverdrup, P22 type foundry/IHOF. All rights reserved.
P22 Speyside by Torleiv Sverdrup P22 Speyside is a round, curved and controlled sans serif, with an additional set of decorated uppercase letters, initials and small caps. It's appropriate for text, titling and display. The origin of the name is taken from a small location in Tobago. The font is inspired by the local handicraft, the batik in particular. P22 Speyside Pro OpenType features: Titling Capitals (titl) access the highly decorated capitals for titling and initial use. The motives for this initials letters are inspired by the Tobagonian handicraft- in particular, the batik. Stylistic Alternates (salt) are alternates for the titling capitals. Small Caps (smcp), Standard Ligatures (liga), Discretionary Ligatures (ding), Fraction (frac), Denominators (dnom),Numerators (numr), Superscript (sups) - primarily for footnote indication, Scientific Inferiors (sinf) - primarily for chemical or mathematical notation. About Torleiv Sverdrup (1959) - Torleiv Sverdrup has been a freelance graphic designer for more than 20 years. Since 2005, he has spent most of his time working on type design. "I get inspiration wherever I go. Whenever I get an idea, I start from scratch, working with just a couple of letters. These letters then serve as a "matrix" for the remaining letters. The final result is often quite different from my initial idea, as I let things evolve as they go. The creative process is the drive, the engine, of my work: it is like a voyage during which you have enter many hitherto unknown ports of call."
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Sep 08, 2010
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P22 Speyside Initials Light
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