TT Wellingtons Thin Italic Font

TT Wellingtons Thin Italic Font
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TT Wellingtons Thin Italic Font
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TT Wellingtons
Copyright (c) 2018 by TypeType. Designer Ivan Gladkikh, technical designers Philipp Nurullin, Nadyr Rakhimov, Olexa Volochay, Vika Usmanova. All rights reserved.
TT Wellingtons is an attempt to combine the style of English humanist sans-serifs of the early 20th century with the requirements for modern geometric grotesques. Our main task was to preserve the feeling of hand-written origin of the letters while simplifying their design and making it as functional as possible. One can find many artifacts typical of the traditional technique of poster pen movement on paper in TT Wellingtons. These are the asymmetric sections of the upper and lower corners of the letters "C" or "Э" or the smooth elements of the strokes connection, which are clearly visible in lowercase Latin characters, for example, in the letter "n". The large size of lowercase characters' height and the geometric manner of circle construction — they are pillow-shaped in TT Wellingtons — can be classified as modern type peculiarities. Apart from all listed above, the typeface features a set of stylistic alternates that changes the shape of style-forming characters to a purely geometric one. TT Wellingtons consists of 9 weights and 9 true Italics. By default, the standard set uses old style figures, but if necessary, you can easily turn the lining figures on. The typeface includes more than 20 ligatures, stylistic alternates and other useful features. The full list of OpenType features used in TT Wellingtons is: ordn, sups, sinf, numr, dnom, lnum, onum, tnum, pnum, liga, dlig, salt, ss01, ss02, ss03, ss04, case, frac.
Standard, Contextual Alternates, Case Sensive Forms, Discretionary Ligatures, Denominator, Fractions, Standard Ligatures, Lining Figures, Numerator, Oldstyle Figures, Ordinals, Proportional Figures, Stylistic Alternates, Scientific Inferiors, Superscript, Tabular Figures
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Jan 09, 2018
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TT Wellingtons Thin Italic
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