Typewriter 1950 Tech Mono Black STD Font

Typewriter 1950 Tech Mono Black STD Font
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Typewriter 1950 Tech Mono Black STD Font
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Typewriter 1950 Tech Mono
Copyright Â(c) 2017 by Manuel Viergutz | Typo Graphic Design. All rights reserved.
The typeface Typewriter 1950 Tech Mono is designed for the Typo Graphic Design font foundry in 2017 by Manuel Viergutz. A display slab serif type for headlines. Based on an old typewriter machine from 1950. Plus state-of-the-art OpenType-features like contextual alternates (calt), decorative ligatures e. g. type the word “LOVE” for ❤ and the word “SMILE” for ☺ and Versal Eszett (German Capital Sharp S). For use in magazines, posters, headlines and advertisement, plus as webfont for decorative headlines. Character Set: Latin Extended (Adobe Latin 3). 1490 glyphs with 5× A–Z, 5× a–z, 5× 0–9 and 290+ extra icons like arrows, dingbats, symbols, geomatric shapes, catchwords and many alternative letters. Have fun with this font & use the DEMO-FONT (with reduced glyph-set) FOR FREE! ■ Font Name: Typewriter 1950 Tech Mono ■ Font Weights: Regu­lar + Negative + Black + Mono + Icons + DEMO (with redu­ced glyph-set) ■ Font Cate­gory: Slab Serif Dis­play for Head­line Size ■ For­mat: .otf (Open­Type Font for Mac + Win) + .ttf (True­Type Font) ■ Glyph Set: 1490 glyphs ■ Lan­guage Sup­port: 28+ for Latin Exten­ded (Adobe Latin 3). Afri­kaans, Alba­nian, Cata­lan, Croa­tian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esto­nian, Fin­nish, French, Ger­man, Hun­ga­rian, Ice­lan­dic, Ita­lian, Lat­vian, Lithua­nian, Mal­tese, Nor­we­gian, Polish, Por­tu­gese, Roma­nian, Slovak, Slove­nian, Spa­nisch, Swe­dish, Tur­kish, Zulu ■ Spe­cials: 290+ deco­ra­tive extras like icons for arrows, ding­bats, emo­jis, sym­bols, geo­me­tric shapes, catch­words + Ger­man Capi­tal Eszett. Open Type Fea­tures: Kerning (kern), Sty­listic Set 1 (ss01) … Sty­listic Set 6 (ss06), Ornaments (ornm), Titling (titl), Loca­li­zed Forms (locl), Sub­script (subs) Super­script (sups), Ordi­nals (ordn), Old­style Figu­res (onum), Lining Figu­res (lnum), Frac­tions (frac), Deno­mi­na­tors (dnom), Nume­ra­tors (numr), Stan­dard Liga­tures (liga), Con­text­ual Alter­na­tes (calt) e. g. Sty­listic Set-Loop and Deco­ra­tive Liga­tures (dlig) e. g. type the word “LOVE” for ❤ or “SMILE” for ☺ ■ Design Date: 2017 ■ Type Desi­gner: Manuel Vier­gutz
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Jan 30, 2018
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Typewriter 1950 Tech Mono Black STD
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