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Janson URW SC Font
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Janson URW SC Font
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This is URW's digitization and design of Miklós Tótfalusi Kis's classic serif Janson. Janson is the name given to an old-style serif typeface named for Dutch punch-cutter and printer Anton Janson. Research in the 1970s and early 1980s, however, concluded that the typeface was the work of a Hungarian punch-cutter named Miklós (Nicholas) Tótfalusi Kis. Tótfalusi Kis traveled to Amsterdam in 1680 to apprentice under Dirk Voskens and cut several typeface while working under Voskens, producing a roman text face c. 1685 upon which present-day Janson is based. Tótfalusi Kis also cut Greek and Hebrew typefaces, both for use in printing Polyglot Bibles. Janson shows strong influence of the Dutch Baroque typefaces.
Standard, Access All Alternates, Case Sensive Forms, Denominator, Fractions, Localized Forms, Numerator, Ordinals, Small Caps, Superscript
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Sep 28, 2010
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Janson URW SC
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