LTC Bodoni Bold Font

LTC Bodoni Bold Font
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LTC Bodoni Bold Font
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LTC Bodoni Bold
Copyright (c) Lanston Type - P22 type foundry, 2004. All rights reserved.
Bodoni Bold was drawn by London based type designer Dave Farey for Lanston Type during one of his alter-ego bouts as Giambattista Bodoni in the early 1990s. This font presents the unusual opportunity to use a Bodoni as body copy. Bodoni Bold is offered in four variations with three different types of numerals: Lining, French Oldstyle (Fournier) & Small Cap Lining figures or with all options combined into one OpenType font. Alternate Key Positions: The following Key Positions will access the noted characters not usually found in the standard ACSII & Western European Character set: ct = logical not Op-L st = plusminus sh-Op-= ff = mu Op-m fi = fi Sh-Op-5 fl = fl Sh-Op-6 ffi = lessequal Op-comma ffl = greaterequal Op-period fj = delta Op-j Designed by Giambattista Bodoni, Dave Farey
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Nov 12, 2010
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LTC Bodoni Bold
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