LTC Ornamental Initials Font

LTC Ornamental Initials Font
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LTC Ornamental Initials Font
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LTC Ornamental Initials
Copyright (c) 2006 by Lanston Type Co.- P22 type foundry. All rights reserved.
Little is known of the origin of these decorative Initial Caps. Series 448 at 24 point were a different design from the 36 point on which this digital version is based. Rather than just include the basic 26 characters (only 25 existed in the original version), we have included a negative version in the lower case position and a fill character (for two color caps) option in the number and punctuation key positions. To do two color caps, you will need to layer in your design program. For overlays in programs with kerning, type the capital letter followed by a space and the key indicated below. Select and change the color of one of the characters as desired, then remove the space between the characters. The kerning should snap them together for a two color initial letter.
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Nov 17, 2010
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LTC Ornamental Initials
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