LTC Ornaments Two Pro Font

LTC Ornaments Two Pro Font
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LTC Ornaments Two Pro Font
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LTC Ornaments Two Pro
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LTC Ornaments Two was the first Lanston Ornament font to use OpenType features to assist in decorative border creation. The ornaments themselves feature designs of Fournier and other classic fleurons and ornaments whose origins date back to the earliest printers. The font allows settings of patterns than can then be stylistically altered by selecting an OpenType feature. The effect is the equivalent to hand setting ornaments and then substituting half size ornaments in place of some of the ornaments. Bruce Rogers could have saved a lot of time with this feature! Opentype features The keyboard accessible characters are all 1000 units square. Using the small caps opentype feature the characters: E F G H I J Y Z e f g h i j y z ; : ' " 5 % 6 ^ = + \ | 0, will reduce to half their size (while keeping their square width). Checking the opentype contextual alts feature changes the characters R S r s T U t u Å å ß ® Ø µ ø ¬ ƒ Œ œ ‰ Â Í Ï Ò to alternate glyphs, as well as changing ; : ' " to an alternate corner piece with two sizes of the same glyph. The contextual alternates features will also make it so when typing E F G H I J Y Z they will alternate between whole and half size on the same line.
Standard, Contextual Alternates, Small Caps
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Dec 05, 2010
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LTC Ornaments Two Pro
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