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Leather seems like it was made for current technologies, and it is nothing short of being the perfect candidate for using blackletter in grid-based settings.

Leather Leather Leather Leather Leather Leather Leather Leather Leather Leather
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Posted on Mar 30, 2009
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Leather has three features usually not found in other blackletter fonts:
Grid-based geometric strokes and curves: In the early 1930s, blackletter design had already begun interacting back with the modern sans serif it birthed at the turn of the century. This design is one of the very few manifestations of such interaction.

Fragile, Boboni-like serifs, sprout from mostly expected places in the minuscules, but are sprinkled very aesthetically on some of the majuscules. The overall result is magnificently modern.

The usual complexity of blackletter uppercase's inner bars is rendered simple, geometric and very visually appealing. The contrast between the inner bars and thick outer strokes creates a surprising circuitry-like effect on some of the letters (D, O, Q), wonderfully plays with the idea of fragile balances on some others (M, N and P), and boldly introduces new concepts on others (B, F, K, L, R).
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