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Typography enters the Space Age! Dynascript brings the ease of Pushbutton Automatic to your typesetting experience.
Dynascript Dynascript Dynascript Dynascript Dynascript Dynascript
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Posted on Nov 10, 2011
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Typography enters the Space Age! Dynascript brings the ease of "Pushbutton Automatic" to your typesetting experience. Dynascript is actually "Two fonts in One" - without switching fonts you can instantly change from Dynascript's connecting font to the non-connecting italic with the simple push of a button. For more details download The Dynascript Manual from the Gallery Section. What is Dynascript? It's is a completely original, never before seen, bold script font, but to some it may be reminiscent of various mid-century neon signage, and of sign writing, Speedball alphabets and even baseball scripts. The design of Dynascript also takes some cues from a historical typographic curiosity that began in Germany in the 20s and which lasted into the 60s - when Photo-Lettering gave it the name "Zip-Top". Basically it was believed to be the wave of the future - that by weighting an alphabet heavier in its top half, one could increase legibility and reading speed. The jury's still out on whether or not there's any validity to this claim, but I think you'll agree that in the context of this design, the heavier weighting at the top of the letters helps to create some uniquely pleasing forms, and a script unlike any other. PLEASE NOTE: When setting Dynascript one should ALWAYS select the Standard Ligatures and Contextual Alternates buttons in your OpenType palette. For a better understanding of its unique features please download The Dynascript Manual by clicking on the Download PDF Specimen button.
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