Refrigerator Deluxe

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Refrigerator Deluxe
Refrigerator Deluxe
Refrigerator Deluxe
Refrigerator Deluxe
Refrigerator Deluxe
Refrigerator Deluxe
Refrigerator Deluxe
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Posted on Apr 23, 2013
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Refrigerator Deluxe (2008) was inspired by generic block-style lettering typical of the mid-20th century. It follows the typical American model that can be seen in old lettering manuals, although I designed it purely from memory. I originally released it in 2000 as Refrigerator, with just the Bold weight. In 2003 I added Light and Heavy. Refrigerator Deluxe adds a new weight (Regular) and loads of alternate characters that can be used to create common variations of the block letter style on which it is based.
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