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Posted on Dec 09, 2013
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Introducing the innovative and original Josep Patau´s new recipe, salsa and wild-type master.

1. In a fountain , combine a bit of slightly outdated British slab types from the late Victorian period. If you find Vincent Figgins´s variety, do not discard. You´ll find plenty to choose from in his specimens, some of then with unexpected vitality an enviably condition, despite it´s age. As aging wine, they had improve their quality with time. Cut Didones into thin slices and add.

2. In a blender, whisk the strength of these Slab serif with highly contrasted strokes from Bodoni or Didot´s neoclassical types. Adjust the mix to get a sweeter or spicier taste, but do not forget to emphasize the contrast to avoid the dressing off.

3. On the page, set the wide variety of weights as your menu demands. If you want to feed fill the stomach of the hungriest holders, use Bridone Titling as main course. If you are serving a traditional menu, starter, main and dessert, then simmer a combination of weights and sizes according to your space. It will not disappoint, much less your guests .

4. Spread thoroughly the page, serve and enjoy .

If you like natural, switch to Bridona, your pages will thank you.
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