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Adagio Sans - In its character, inspired by classical English typefaces. Sharp chamfers add a strong character. Thanks to delicate contrast and proportions of capitals, this variety has features of humanist grotesque.
Adagio Sans Adagio Sans Adagio Sans Adagio Sans Adagio Sans Adagio Sans Adagio Sans
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Posted on Jul 20, 2014
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The Adagio Family is a part of Mateusz Machalski’s, Warsaw Academy of fine arts Master Degree Diploma in multimedia studio, conducted by Professor Stanisaw Wieczorek and his brave PHD Jakub Wróblewski. Adagio is a modern type family. It consists of 3 main varieties: sans, serif and slab. Each one of them has it’s own “true italic” set. All of the styles together have over 400 characters in 9 different thicknesses. The Adagio family was created mostly for company identities. The idea was to create a wide range of different varieties which are stylistically consistent.
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