Quincy CF

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Quincy CF
Quincy CF
Quincy CF
Quincy CF
Quincy CF
Quincy CF
Quincy CF
Quincy CF
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Posted on Jan 08, 2015
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Quincy's warm letterforms and medium contrast give any text a smooth, flowing motion. Small variations and human touches add charm, with Quincy's boldest weights especially strong as large and medium display type.

New in version 4.1: Quincy now has eight weights, up from five. Every letter has been thoughtfully refined and rebalanced, kerning and language support improved, and overall appearance enhanced with a smoother, flowing, unified new look.

Feature Summary
- 8 weights
- Italics
- Ligatures
- Most Latin-based languages supported
- Russian and Ukrainian Cyrillic included
- Lining, oldstyle and tabular numbers
- Fractions
- Free updates and bug fixes
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