Miss Rooster

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Miss Rooster
Miss Rooster
Miss Rooster
Miss Rooster
Miss Rooster
Miss Rooster
Miss Rooster
Miss Rooster
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Posted on Aug 27, 2017
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Miss Rooster was created using my graphics tablet in Adobe Illustrator.

It retains the hand drawn look and feel. It has much simpler paths so should be super quick and easy to work with.

It looks a bit quirky as the letters are playing along the baseline. Some characters are just plainly ignoring it all together. Capital letters don't line up as you would expect, some are taller, some are fatter. I think that just adds to its appeal.

The uppercase letters look good just by themselves. I like to use all caps combined with sentence case to get that real quirky, playful feeling.

Ideal for any design work where you want that handmade touch.

The font has a ton of ligatures to make the letters join correctly plus a few initial and terminal forms.

MissRooster font includes;

One weight regular
Standard Ligatures +
Upper and lowercase
Punctuation & Symbols
Western European characters
Central European characters
South Eastern European characters
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