Criteria CF

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Criteria CF
Criteria CF
Criteria CF
Criteria CF
Criteria CF
Criteria CF
Criteria CF
Criteria CF
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Posted on Sep 12, 2018
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Criteria CF is a geometric sans built with simple, efficient construction. Straight lines and clean circles combine with a tight vertical design that allows for cleanly-stacked lowercase text, striking headlines, and bold word marks. Hints of Swiss style and unconventional ideas add a fresh dimension to a strong geometric design.

Uniquely, Criteria CF was designed on a vintage PowerBook G4 Macintosh – and then polished up on a modern machine – to illustrate the usefulness and repairability of older computers, and the value of keeping them out of landfills, allowing them to serve a new purpose.

- Nine weights
- Obliques with true italic letterforms
- OpenType alternates and ligatures
- Extensive Latin-script multilingual support
- Long term support, free features and bug fixes
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