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Splice 2 Graphics

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Posted on Aug 13, 2014
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This product download contains 15 files. Splice is a collection of experimental 3D renders designed to help fill the void behind your layout design. Use these images as backdrops in your print, mobile app, web and or video project. Images are saved as 72 DPI jpegs, but at high resolution pixel sizes of 7000 x 7000 (pixels).

Notice: the images in this collection are sized 7000 x 7000, but a few are sized even larger at 8000x8000 (pixels). These images are provided in square aspect, the slideshow images are cropped for best presentation. But you get everything that is shown above, and even more imagery is contained outside the crop areas!

Dimensions: 7000 x 7000 (Pixels)
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This product is provided in JPEG image format. JPEG images can be opened and edited by all major image and document layout applications.
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