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Glitch 14 Graphics

Glitch 14 Graphics

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Posted on Aug 12, 2021
Product Ranking: 242
Highest Rank Achieved: 105
This product download contains 24 files. Glitch 14 is a collection of static television VFX pack. Visual video effects stripes background, tv screen no signal glitch effect. This set includes 24 high resolution JPEG files. 5000 × 2813 pixel, JPEG files for instant easy integration with any design project and application.

This is a perfect collection for startup studios & freelancers as it provides high quality images that work great for backgrounds, websites, book covers, motion graphics, presentations and many other design mediums. Typically, images of this quality are very expensive when purchased individually, but we are bringing you a professional image bundle at a great price.

Dimensions: 5000 x 2813 (Pixels)
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This product is provided in JPEG image format. JPEG images can be opened and edited by all major image and document layout applications.

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