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Black Letter 1
Black Letter 2
Black Letter 3
Black Letter 4
Black Letter 5
Black Letter 6
Black Letter 7
Black Letter 8
Black Letter 9
Black Letter 10
Black Letter 11
Black Letter 12
Black Letter 13
Black Letter 14
Black Letter 15
Black Letter 16
Black Letter 17
Black Letter 18
Black Letter 19
Black Letter 20
Black Letter 21
Black Letter 22
Black Letter 23
Black Letter 24
Posted on Dec 22, 2021
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Black Letter is a collection of 26 pieces of high quality vector illustrated letters Inspired on fraktur gothic letters.


Create unique posters, vinyl covers, social media posts or any other artwork with this unique and bold pieces. Either as abstract graphic resource, or literally, as flags, these elements will add pure and fresh personality to your storytelling.


You can use Illustrator to easily customize the look and feel of each design. Adjust the colors and scale to make it your own. Vector files are ready for instant easy integration with any cool design project and application.


Package includes:

- A-Z (26

Files Included: 26


This product is saved in Adobe Illustrator, vector format. We suggest using Adobe Illustrator CS to open this product, or use the specific CS version that might be listed above in the product description.

Additional software details might be listed above, but please make sure you have the correct software that can support these file formats before purchasing.

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