Rough Enough - Video Synth Pack

Rough Enough - Video Synth Pack

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 Rough Enough   Video Synth Pack
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Posted on Jun 05, 2015
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This product download contains 24 files. 24 Synthesized Video Textures to give you that grimy, retro, washed out look that only analogue video can produce. Forget the glitch plugins and digital half-measures, these textures were lovingly crafted by hand with an analogue video synthesizer.

Supplied as 5 second loops (50Mbps .mp4) in both HD NTSC and HD PAL formats.

24X Looping Textures in both HD NTSC and HD PAL formats.
24X TIFF stills for print and web use
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This product is provided as QuickTime video (.MOV), compressed as H.264 100%, at a frame rate of 30fps (unless listed otherwise).
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