Understanding Standard Agency Agreements and Licensing Fonts

As design professionals, we understand that each creative process brings its own unique set of challenges and nuances. One common hurdle involves licensing resources like fonts, with its intricate legalities and specifications. At YouWorkForThem, we recognize the complexity of such situations, particularly when dealing with advertising agencies and corporate brands.

Often, we receive inquiries from advertising agencies along the lines of, “We have a standard agreement that we need you to sign in order to license from you, will you sign it?”

When YouWorkForThem Says ‘Yes’ to Signing Your Standard Agreement

At YouWorkForThem, we respond with a resounding “yes”, given your agreement doesn’t conflict with or nullify our licensing terms.

The terms of our licenses are comprehensive, crafted considering the diversity of use cases for our fonts and stock art. We respect that every agency has distinct requirements and legal stipulations. As long as your stipulations do not interfere with our terms, we are ready to sign off on these agreements in special situations.

For instance, your agency might wish to incorporate a co-indemnification clause (wiki) or enshrine a perpetual term into the license language. In such circumstances, we are open to working with you to ensure these needs are accommodated.

Striking a Balance: Your Agency’s Agreement and Our Licensing Terms

At the end of the day, our goal at YouWorkForThem is to ensure you have the rights you need while maintaining a balance with the rights of the designers we represent. If your agency requires custom language or language from your legal department, we are more than willing to cooperate.

Contact us to iron out these details. We stand ready to make this process as seamless as possible, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – creating captivating advertising content with the unique fonts from our vast collection.