YouWorkForThem's Stock Audio License

In addition to all applicable license conditions, restrictions and extended license requirements from the Stock Media License, the following conditions also apply for Audio.


Remember, only the original purchaser may use YouWorkForThem Audio. When you buy Audio from YouWorkForThem, you are not, in any way, shape or form, buying ownership of the sounds - you are buying a LICENSE to use the Audio within your project(s). The original artist will always remain the sole copyright holder and owner of the Audio, but our license grants you the use of the Audio in your own recorded works, for home or commercial use with no royalty obligation to anyone, whatsoever. To sum up, once you buy YouWorkForThem Audio, you can use it however you want, forever, with no further cost. Just don't re-sell or give away our work.

Permitted Uses

Video productions, software, online games, iPad/iPhone/iPod apps, podcasts, websites, on-site kiosks, concert performances, TV or radio advertisements, demos, school projects, music CD's, DVD's, or any other type of audiovisual project you may be involved in from now 'til eternity. You may sell, distribute, or perform to paid audiences and clients so long as you have used the Audio in combination with other audiovisual content or changed it in some way.


You may not re-sell or re-license unchanged Audio on its own, whether digitally or on physical media. All YouWorkForThem Audio must be combined with something else (music, video, your dog barking) before you can sell or distribute it to the public in any way. You may not claim any type of ownership of the Audio. You may not post online for download, or in any way distribute, give away, offer, or sell the Audio "as is" (that is, with no additional audio and/or visual element added.)
This License Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Tennessee (USA).
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