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"Product Packaging" Search Results:132 Products|7 Designers|3 Articles

"Product Packaging" Search Results:132 Products|7 Designers|3 Articles "Product Packaging" Search Results Products|Designers|Articles
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Search Help

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  • Until now, the system would only treat combinations of words, spaces and hyphens specifically. For example, 'sans serif font' will not return 'sans' or 'sans-serif' but only items that have 'sans serif font' typed exactly.
  • Now, adding a plus sign will return multiple single keywords, while adding a comma will match either keyword. For instance, 'sans+geometric' will look for items containing both of those words individually--a smaller, more focused result--while 'sans,geometric' will return all items that contain either of those keywords--a much larger result.
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A Saucy Sans Serif From W Type Foundry: Becky
W Type Foundry was originally founded as Without Foundry back in 2012. Companies grow and change over time, and these days, W Type Foundry is operated by a trio of typographers in Santiago, Chile....
Sibylle: An Expressive Brush Script With Coarse Paper Texture
Hanoded Fonts is the personal type foundry label belonging to David Kerkhoff, an enthusiastic photographer and type designer in Holland. While much of Davids career revolves around typography these...
A Happy, Handmade Brush Script From Hanoded Fonts: Teacup
David Kerkhoff is a man who started out miles away from typography, yet he somehow ended up smack in the middle of the industry. The funny thing is, all of his life experiences are what actually le...

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