Download Popular WebFonts, No Subscription Required

Download Popular WebFonts, No Subscription Required

Ever since the "@font-face" CSS declaration, font providers have been scrambling to implement options, and let's face it--most have been less than ideal. YouWorkForThem thinks it's all about two things: design and efficiency, and we've been hard at work for months to bring it all together. Now we'd like to introduce the most affordable, efficient, easy-to-use system for WebFonts anywhere online. And as always at YouWorkForThem, there are no subscriptions, no stalking and no tracking, because unlike some of our competitors, we're not in it to milk more money out of our customers. We are only concerned about good design at affordable prices, with clear and easy licenses. View the complete license details for WebFonts.

Unparalleled Selection + Free WebFonts

YouWorkForThem offers the most beautiful, functional font designs in the world, and now we offer WebFont versions of nearly all of them. Choose from 136,659 WebFonts from 1,124 foundries, including thousands of multilingual WebFonts, like . To purchase, just select the WebFonts option in the Buying Options tab on the product page for that font.
Want to see the magic for yourself...for free? in the Free Fonts section of our website. We provide hundreds of Free Fonts and WebFonts for you to easily explore at no charge. Enjoy!

Efficient & Easy WebFonts

No bloated javascript, no subscriptions, no confusing and unnecessary options. Simply download and upload to your domain, that's it. Regardless of the format (WOFF2, WOFF, EOT, SVG, TTF), our system generates efficient auto-hinted WebFonts on the fly, ready for you to download, and we give you two levels of complexity to choose from, as follows:
Lite Kits - File sizes on average are quite small, in many cases smaller than the comparable compressed image would be, and compatible across all major platforms and browsers, desktop and mobile alike. Since most OpenType features are not yet supported by most browsers, we have stripped those features out of the Lite option and optimized each and every file to be the most efficient in the business.
Full Kits - For our customers who aren't concerned about optimized file sizes, we offer a full-featured kit with all of the OpenType features, Stylistic Alternates, Swashes, Small Caps, Fractions, etc. This is essentially a full conversion of the desktop version of the font. Choose our Full kit for intranets, kiosks and other situations where consistency and connectivity restrictions are not a requirement.

Always Up To Date

Since our WebFont files are always generated on the fly when you purchase a license and download them, they are fully dynamic and updateable. When fonts are updated, simply return and re-download the latest version. This could apply to both artistic (say we re-draw letters) and/or technical (we find a way to compress by an additional 10k) updates. You can always get the latest versions, easily and for free via your account.


We offer five levels of WebFont pricing to address any situation, starting with a 1x Basic price that covers 50,000 monthly pageviews--more than enough for most independent web design situations. If your pageviews increase, simply come back and purchase the upgrade license. Pricing is based on the standard desktop font license.


Monthly Pageviews


Basic 50,000 1x Price
Intermediate 100,000 2x Price
Advanced 1,000,000 5x Price
Professional 10,000,000 10x Price
Legacy unlimited 15x Price

The Benefits of YouWorkForThem WebFonts

Take a moment and review these great articles that cover the advantages YouWorkForThem provides vs other WebFont providers.

How to use WebFonts

Unlike desktop fonts, which are designed for use in documents and in graphic design, WebFonts are their own unique animal, specially tuned to be recognized and displayed by a web browser. Those who have tried to adapt desktop fonts for website use know that it’s really only possible to get clear, precise behavior by converting the font to a graphic. However, by adding WebFonts to your website, your information will look cleaner...

One-time Fees vs. Subscriptions

YouWorkForThem has been licensing WebFonts for a one-time fee since 2011. However, we regularly encounter the misconception that we charge a monthly subscription fee. This has never been the case. Pay once, play forever. That’s why brands like T-Mobile, Valve Software, Whole Foods and West Elm come to us for their WebFonts, because they know that one-time fees make sense. We’ve weighed the pros and cons...

Changing the WebFont Business

At YouWorkForThem, we think the dominant subscription-based model of WebFonts is nothing short of highway robbery. The Fontopoly charges a monthly fee for the use of the WebFonts they resell–all while refusing to give their customers access to the font files themselves! Instead, they host the files on their own servers, which you must reference in your code. This keeps you dependent on...
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