Durotype is an innovative font design and publishing house, focusing on interesting typefaces of both new designs and revivals of older designs. Many Durotype typefaces are very versatile: they have a lot of weights, and can be used both as text and display font. All Durotype fonts support the 18 most important European languages using the Latin alphabet. Durotype introduced UltraPrecision font technology. All Durotype fonts are UltraPrecision fonts, giving a higher precision than most present-day OpenType fonts. This higher precision translates into a better quality of the characters, when a font is printed or displayed in a large size. Durotype is based in Best, The Netherlands.
Durotype has 11 Fonts Available for Desktop, WebFont, Mobile App & ePub Licensing
Seconda Round
Classic Round
Classic XtraRound
Seconda XtraSoft
Simplo Soft
Seconda Soft
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