Novo Typo
Novo Typo
Novo Typo is the typefoundry of Atelier van Wageningen (typo)graphic designers, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With Novo Typo typefaces we try to make the world a little bit more beautiful, happier and less boring. Enjoy our typefaces. All the fonts are available via our web shop. We offer the possibilty to redesign typefaces to your needs. Novo Typo is also available for designing and producing customized typefaces. Feel free to contact us.
Novo Typo has 32 Fonts and 3 Stock Art Designs Available for Download
NT Pure
Novo Cela
NT Yaki
Novo Enno
NT Fall
Christa Gagarin
Novo Dada
NT Lily
Anna Gagarin
Novo Family
Hektor Gagarin
Gregor Gagarin
Novo Alla
Dmitri Gagarin
Rudolf Gagarin
Quirina Gagarin
Novo Bila
NT Fest
Boris Gagarin
Flodor Gagarin
Leonora Gagarin
Jouri Gagarin
Novo Gigo
Novo Fika
Magda Gagarin
Taniyah Gagarin
Therese Quatorze
Elena Gagarin
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