Originally sold in the 1950s, the Filmotype introduced by its founders Allan and Beatrice Friedman was a simple manually operated photo typesetting machine (the iMac of the 1950s) and it used 2-inch filmstrips with over 500 amazing display alphabets so the user could set headlines on photo paper or film. Filmotype eventually went on to become Alphatype until the Mac came along in 1984 and POOF! No more photo typesetting! In 2006, the Font Diner acquired this amazing photo film alphabet collection and continues to digitize and releasing these wonderful gems of 1950s lettering as digital fonts!
Filmotype has 60 Fonts Available for Desktop, WebFont, Mobile App & ePub Licensing
Filmotype Giant
Filmotype Lucky
Filmotype Keynote
Filmotype LaCrosse
Filmotype Gem
Filmotype Leader
Filmotype Gay
Filmotype Havana
Filmotype LaSalle
Filmotype Glenlake
Filmotype Quiet
Filmotype Hemlock
Filmotype Yale
Filmotype Kingston
Filmotype Harmony
Filmotype Fashion
Filmotype Escort
Filmotype Ginger
Filmotype Zanzibar
Filmotype Horizon
Filmotype Vanity
Filmotype York
Filmotype Hamlet
Filmotype Alice
Filmotype Kentucky
Filmotype Modern
Filmotype Honey
Filmotype Brooklyn
Filmotype Yukon
Filmotype Giant Family
Filmotype Quartz
Filmotype Yukon Family
Filmotype Ford
Filmotype Kitten
Filmotype Zephyr
Filmotype Melody Family
Filmotype Royal
Filmotype Nemo
Filmotype Atlas
Filmotype Manchester
Filmotype Zeal
Filmotype Jessy
Filmotype Hickory
Filmotype MacBeth
Filmotype Prima
Filmotype Austin
Filmotype Jamboree
Filmotype Western
Filmotype Carmen
Filmotype Rose
Filmotype Homer
Filmotype Reef
Filmotype Athens
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