Point Soft

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Point Soft
Point Soft
Point Soft
Point Soft
Point Soft
Point Soft
Point Soft
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Posted on Mar 26, 2019
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Point Soft is more than the rounded edges version of Point, it is a reinterpretation of what a geometric soft font should look like. Clean, simple, and above all: huggable. Point Soft conveys that warm and soft feeling.

With 20 styles it gives you a lot of versatility (From Hairline to Black), plus it comes with two FREE styles for you to play with before commit yourself to buy it.

It has Extended Latin and Cyrillic support, old style, lining and tabular figures and much more.

It has a wide range of use possibilities. Since it is a very readable font in small font sizes and the details really pop out in display sizes. Be it on small or large font sizes, Point will make its point.
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