The Best Independent Type Foundries

With so many different type foundries to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is the best for your needs. It's not just about finding a good font, it's also important to find a font that's reliable and trustworthy. You need a font that will look great on all devices and in all applications. We've done the hard work for you and organized the 915 type foundries we have hand selected for our font catalogue. All of these type foundries are known for their high-quality and beautiful font designs.

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Emyself Design, the brainchild of the adept Eko Setiawan, stands as a beacon of typographic innovation since its establishment in 2018. Based in the lush creative landscapes of Indonesia, this independent type foundry marries form and function, specializing not only in an eclectic array of fonts but also in meticulously crafted graphic design essentials such as templates, presets, and design kits. Emself Design's portfolio serves as a veritable toolbox for the contemporary designer—each offering
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YouWorkForThem has been a trusted resource for fonts and typography for nearly 20 years. Our fonts and web fonts have been used by some of the biggest brands in the world, including Apple, Disney, Nike, Harley Davidson and Starbucks. We're still known today as a retailer of fonts, but our creative studio continues to produce unique font designs that set us apart from the competition. We're smart, creative and always looking for new ways to help our clients communicate their message effectively.
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In the world of typography, MadeType stands as a beacon of innovation and timeless elegance. Specializing in the crafting of serif and sans-serif typefaces, MadeType seamlessly fuses fashion-forward sensibilities with a retro flair. With a portfolio that ranges from sleek modern lines to curvaceous vintage strokes, their fonts offer affordable, high-quality solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of creative needs. From graphic design studios to marketing teams, MadeType's typefaces serve as e
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Hello. Here you will find something different, and certainly give you creative ideas or innovations to produce something that has value for your creative project.
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I love creating new products, mostly original social media templates & unique and different fonts. I love to get lost, lost in unknown places, lost in innovative design, and lost on Pinterest. I think they seriously should put some restrictions on how much time you're allowed to spend on the site!
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Immerse yourself in the imaginative universe of Nicky Laatz, a remarkable beacon of creativity here on YouWorkForThem. Sequestered amidst the serene beauty of the Cornish countryside, Nicky's contributions to typographic design eclipse the conventional norms, delivering a distinguished array of our most sought-after and best-selling fonts. With an 18-year odyssey in graphic design, Nicky illustrates an intimate symphony of curves and lines, marrying everyday life with artistic inspiration, a tes
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Asenbayu Type Foundry is an independent digital type foundry that focused on creating beautiful and unique fonts. Asenbayu Type Foundry offers quality typography suitable for your various projects. Asenbayu Type Foundry crafted fonts that give you access to a unique font collection.
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Nois, a cutting-edge design studio based in Barcelona and directed by Guillermo Lizarzuay, specializes in contemporary font design for interfaces, print, and more. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Nois began by crafting tailor-made fonts like Lalo Grotesk, establishing itself as a trendsetter without compromising performance or usability. Continually updated and refined, Nois' fonts resonate with modern designers seeking unique, trendy OpenType fonts that elevate creativity and set n
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Elegant mockups, fonts & more for your creative process.
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Unique hand-crafted fonts by U.K. designer Sam Parrett.
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Typeheist is an independent font foundry focusing on hand-lettered, realistic fonts that don't conform to traditional rules or structure. Each typeface is hand-rendered, ensuring a natural flow and unscripted feel. Making use of OpenType features such as Stylistic Alternates, Standard and Discretionary Ligatures, Typeheist offers dynamic fonts that can be customised per person or per project.
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Modest Type Foundry based in Bandung, Indonesia
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Few suggests less, but never absence. It allows for focus on what matters most. It conveys the idea of a group, family, and community. Open to character and expression, Few is inherently human.
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Proudly producing display and mono style fonts since 2018. Home to a diverse library of tech & experimental typeface. Finely designs high quality retail typefaces and provides custom font design services. Develop a visual presentation that complements the style and personality of the new typeface. Brings a fresh sensitivity to boring old existing monospaced fonts.
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Independent Graphic Design and Font Studio Based in Indonesia. Contact:
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Connary Fagen Type Design creates versatile, timeless fonts, designed for elegance and usability in print, web, and user interfaces. Built on a longstanding appreciation for typography, Connary brings a modern touch to his fonts with continuous updates and feature additions, free to all customers.
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That That is an Independent Type Foundry Based out of New York New York Run By Harbor Bickmore
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Letterhend Studio is one of font creator from Indonesia.
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Founded in 2017, Invasi Studio is a typography design studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our services include Typeface Custom, Font Retailing, and Templates Design that are designed by combining creative thinking and authenticity. Specializing in well-crafted fonts with lots of character, the Invasi Studio team constantly pushes themselves to explore new typestyles and designs.
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Adam Fathony is a groundbreaking type designer whose fonts span an eclectic range of styles—from retro serifs to innovative font families. His versatile collection offers designers a treasure trove of options, each with extensive weights and styles, ideal for projects that require both uniqueness and functionality.
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Minor Praxis is an archieve of visual compound by Rully Prayogi. A graphic designer currently working for a clothing brand called Sch. Sometimes do freelance stuff or commission to create logos, posters, user interfaces, and illustrations.
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Graphic and Type Designer. Hi, thank you for visiting my shop! Feel free to message me if there's anything you need. Check out my Instagram for freebies, updates & giveaways!
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Victoria Kingsley Design Studio is an oasis for elegant fonts and typefaces. Our fonts use handwriting styles and decorative design styles, upping the aesthetics of any marketing and design project. Whether it’s elegant fonts for wedding celebrations or fonts that make an impactful statement for commercial campaigns, we have something for everyone. Plus, our fonts cover a wide range of languages and come in modern font formats to suit your requirements. With various types of licensing available
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Founder of Fenotype Typefaces. Emil is a Finnish type designer and illustrator and graphic designer currently living in Turku, Finland. Emil designed his first freeware fonts already in high school. He studied graphic design at the University of Art and Industrial design Helsinki. In 2007 Emil started as a freelance graphic designer and in 2011 he became a full time type designer.
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Bagerich Type Foundry is an independent digital type foundry with a focus on display typefaces. founded in Bandung, Indonesia in the middle of 2019 by graphic designer, Reza Rasenda and Riska Candra Dewi.
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ikiiko is a type foundry located in Surabaya, Indonesia. We create stunning and beautiful premium fonts. say hello at / email :
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I am a fresh creative hybrid from England with a passion for beautiful design, and burning belief that good design matters. I was born to get my hand's dirty crafting and creating; I publish my photography and writing, as well as enjoying custom typography and creating gorgeous fonts. I am currently running into the sunset and following my dream of travelling the world and creating from everything I see.
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I am graphic designer from Bali Indonesia
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Type Foundry based in Indonesia
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Just another font creator. Reach me by email
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I'm a creative & innovative designer specializing in logo, UI design and printed corporate branded materials such as brochures, business stationery and websites.
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Welcome to Arterfak Project! Digital Typefoundry and Graphic Supply from Palembang, Indonesia. Passionate in Typography, Font Design, Branding, Graphic Design Elements, Available for full-time, part-time, partnership or collaboration work. Thank you for visits and support!
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Typeface Design Studio is an industry-leading design agency offering fonts in a variety of styles to suit any corporate customer’s needs. Our fonts are professional, legible, and crafted for use in today's digital screen markets, while always being competitively priced. Whether you're looking for sans serif fonts or even something more decorative, we're the ultimate font resource with extensive options tailor-made for marketing and enterprise success. We understand your specific needs, so contac
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URW++ has been the go-to place for type designers and companies alike since it was founded more than fifty years ago. With their rich history of designing first rate fonts and web fonts, they’re renowned around Europe as well North America with projects ranging from custom design services to fresh new faces on an entire library that will make your brand stand out like never before!
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Power Type™ Foundry is Independent Digital Type Foundry focusing on making suitable fonts for designers. Made with passion and love and hope to inspire others. Available Font for Desktop, Print, Web, Apps & more
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Thank you for visiting our shop. Here you'll find cool fonts that make your project easier. Feel free to contact us if you have any question. Thank you
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Yukita Creative is a group of talented young designers from Indonesia - a country full of progressive thinking and creativity. We work for major brands and companies around the world. Specializing in Typography and Graphic Design.
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Nostalgia is a powerful force and it's no wonder that people love to use vintage aesthetics in their design projects. Vintage Voyage Design is an award-winning design studio that specializes in creating these exact beautiful, handcrafted retro and vintage style fonts and graphics that everyone can download and use. Their designs are created with a vintage sense of nostalgia and they love to make them pop through modern graphic design techniques.
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your creative partner, created visual assets the world loves.
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Type and Design Practice Studio
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Hey! I’m Tom, and I design creative resources for creative folk such as yourself; from handcrafted fonts to detailed textures. I take great pride in the quality of my products and the relationships that I’ve built with those who use them. Also, I like to blab on about online business and get a real kick out of helping talented people turn their passion into a full-time gig. Just like my fonts, I try to be as real as possible. So if you have any questions, fancy a chat, or have a project you want
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Freelance graphic designer, "art is a beautiful life"
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Studio engaged in the Creative Type Foundry
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Hello! Discovering The Best Version of You. For Branding, logo, and Type design,
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We believe good ideas can be applied to anything. Even if it’s a slice of bacon, a piece of bread, a handful of seeds or a dozen of eggs it has all chances to become a fabulous typeface. That’s why in 2008 we founded an Estonian-based company called Handmadefont. Back then neither the font industry was that well developed, nor the term ‘handmadefont’ itself was known. People used to consider fonts as keyable raster images. We suggested a new angle: fonts can be made of what-so-ever. Need a titl
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We are a team of designers, developers & photographers from Italy! We love to create striking graphic resources & WordPress themes, visit our website to discover more about what we do and the services we offer!
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Hi There!! Thanks for visiting my profile. I'm a Freelancer, Graphic Designer who passionate creating unique fonts, other digital graphics. Illustration, Icon Design, etc. You may have come across my Shop on Creative Market: Newflix.bro ........Need some help with your project? Hire us !!.......
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I'm Julie Green. I letter, draw, and design fonts under the studio name Up Up Creative. I love to create useful, beautiful typefaces that have robust OpenType features and the feel of custom lettering.
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S6 Foundry develops creative fonts by designers for designers. Based in Italy are small independent contemporary digital type foundry crafting retail typefaces for use in digital and print applications. S6 aims to deliver high-quality fonts for the modern age; our goal is to offer original text and display typefaces that are in line with current designers’ needs and design challenges. Specializing in the development of retail typefaces, custom font solutions, all available retail fonts are based
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Hi I’m Ana. I create animations and design things. ana & yvy began and still is a passion project which allows me to play with design while making some bucks.
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Hi, I'm Peter from Cruzine Design. I'm graphic designer running Cruzine Design online shop and also manager in & websites.
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Indie type designer
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Independent Type Foundry
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Grafica is the design practice of Neil Wengerd. Neil combines curiosity with creativity to create iconic, memorable work across disciplines for clients ranging from small boutiques to Fortune 500 companies. His work has been recognized by HOW Magazine, Victionary Press, Hightone Publishing, Visuelle, Bitique, and the Columbus Society of Communication Arts.
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In-House International is an Austin, TX-based creative studio and foundry that's home to a ragtag team of irreverent makers and bold ideas. We make display type that speaks out loud.
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Professional Type Foundry Based in East Java, Indonesia
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Independent type foundry that making an unique display typefaces. Based on Indonesia. Feel free to reach me on email
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Graphic and Type Designer
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Latinotype is a new digital type foundry established in the year 2007 in the city of Concepcion, Chile. Our goal is to design new typefaces remixing diverse influences related to our southamerican identity, worldwidely most known as "latino", with high quality products for the contemporary design industry.
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BLKBK aims to provide letters that impart meaning before they even form words. Inspired by hand-painted signs, hip-hop, ‘70s vinyl art, and ‘80s VHS sleeves, each hand-crafted BLKBK type evokes meaning the second you lay eyes on it, while exuding a style that spans half a century.
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In the early 2000's, Ryoichi Tsunekawa was fascinated by the relations between modernist design and Bauhaus style while studying architecture at Nagoya University. He eventually changed his focus to type-design, establishing an extensive font collection that is now available on YouWorkForThem. The design style of this library is very wide-ranging, from classic and retro to futuristic. Dharma Type has developed a bundle of fonts that reflects the needs for all types of design and marketing proje
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I am a font designer. I love my job of designing and creating fonts. It is very interesting to create a masterpiece, especially designing fonts with modern and classic styles.
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We are a team of graphic designers based in Italy and more precisely in Bari province. Unio is the Latin word for union, it merges us into our mutual passion: design.
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Hustle Supply Co. is an online shop for Graphic Designers and Creatives specializing in Type Design, Templates & Assets. Founded in 2013 by Jeremy Vessey, Hustle Supply Co. has gone on to sell tens of thousands of products to creatives around the world.
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TOMO Fonts is a small digital type foundry. We design and build original typefaces and custom font services ✍
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Font Crafter smoothless - Beauty - Elegant "Explore What You Want"
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Hanoded is a type foundry based in The Netherlands and run by David Kerkhoff. After finishing his journalism studies, David traveled extensively and ended up in Israel where he stayed for some years. David had a lot of jobs – zookeeper, goldsmith, artist and cook (to name a few), but settled on working as a tour guide and photographer. David specializes in hand printed typefaces and uses brushes, pens, ink and paint to create his – sometimes scary looking – fonts. He lives in the fruit growing a
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Welcome to Kulokale Studio Digital Typefoundry and Graphic Supply from Surabaya, Indonesia. Passionate in Typography, Font Design, Branding, Graphic Design Elements. Thank you for visits and support!
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Logo and brand designer by day. Type designer and doodler by night. I create fonts and from a designers and typographers perspective.
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↓ Noem9 Studio is a design & illustration firm producing work for a wide range of clients. We help our clients communicate their message clearly with clever concepts and bold graphics. We create contemporary work spanning across brand identities, packaging, art direction, advertising, editorial, apparel graphics or bespoke typefaces for a diverse range of premium brands, ranging from start-ups to global businesses. —
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Typekiln is a digital type studio and foundry started by Krishna Kireeti in 2020. Typekiln’s mission is to build high quality typefaces that are bold and have their own place in the world of type design. Typekiln is also dedicated to creating bespoke typefaces for brands that are in need of a voice in the noise.
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Rafael Nascimento / Escaphandro São Paulo, 1977. • Creative Director, Graphic designer
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I'm the father of three beautiful kids (4yr, 2yr, and a newborn) just trying to make enough money to pay for diapers. I specialize in handmade fonts, but my typefaces don't just stop there. I add bits of character to each font including alternate letters, ligatures, vector art, swashes, stock photos, etc. This way you know you're getting something extra special with each purchase.
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Graptail is an individual font maker. Working at home creates graphic design and typography works. Learning self-taught graphic and typography design by incorporating each of the surrounding writings into a new original font work from their own thoughts like script fonts and display fonts.
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Welcome to our community of font enthusiasts! At Teenage Foundry, we're passionate about creating high-quality type display fonts that help add personality and aesthetic value to your designs.
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Warm Welcome and Hi!, I'm Kadek, a graphic designer from Bali, Indonesia. I love typography. Creativemedialab is my place to share a unique, modern, and versatile fonts for creative peoples worldwide.

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