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The majority of the time we get asked one of the questions listed below. Please take a moment to review these to see if they apply to your concern. If they do not, then please login below and start a new support ticket with us. If you do not have an account with us, simply select no to the account question below and use the contact form for a quick support fix.

I'm getting validation errors when installing my font purchase into FontBook.

FontBook has been know to be overzealous with its error/warning messages since the release of OS X 10.8. The majority of the time, there is actually nothing wrong with the font and all you need to do is simply check the box listed at the bottom to proceed. Simply ignore the message, check the box, install, and enjoy your font.

Why is my credit card being declined?

99.9% of the time, your bank is declining the charge and only they can solve this issue. We strongly recommend you contact your bank and ask them why the charge was declined. It could be you entered incorrect information, or they have incorrect information, or they think the charge is not normal card activity. ("Fonts? Is that like a fountain?") Please note--we are not declining your charge! We want your business!

Why do I have to wait for my download?

For the security of our designers and products we require a short wait on some first-time customers. We realize this might be atypical, but YWFT prides itself on protecting our community, and that means doing everything we can to prevent fraud. You might have overlooked this, but the process of account approval is listed at the bottom of the page during checkout. In order to even complete your order you have to check the box that states that you understand and agree to this process.

How long do I have to wait for my download then?

During the checkout page process, our first time order policy is explainined and a checkbox is required to be checked stating these terms are understood. Typically, only a few minutes/hours is required to review your account details. However, during high-volume days, weekends or holidays, it can sometimes take our team slightly longer to review your details. This is a one-time only process. Once you are approved, all future orders will be ready INSTANTLY with no wait. We understand you want your files immediately. We are right there with you. But due to the online fraud that plagues us all like digital locusts, it's gotta be this way. So please, bear with us, and rest assured that the moment your account/download is approved, we will email and let you know. If you have not received an account approval email within 24 hours of your order, please login to your account to see if the download has been activated in your dashboard / downloads.

The font looks different than what is shown on your site, where are the swash-like letters?

You need to enable (or disable) the OpentType features for the font. Each application handles OpenType a little different, so we suggest you review your applications documentation for details. For more information and specific tips on Adobe CS software, we have a introductory article on our help site that can help you get started.

I need a printable receipt/invoice that also shows a VAT registration number.

A printable receipt can be found in the Order History section of your account. YouWorkForThem, Inc is an American registered and operating company so we do not have a VAT number.
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