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Kiwari Mono 1
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Posted on Feb 09, 2020
Rank: 9537
Best Rank: 9


A versatile modern & industrial monospaced typefaces born from the limitations of mechanical typewriters.

Built with 6 weights plus italics and variable. Compared to Kiwari Grotesk, the Mono version evens out not only the characters’ variable widths but also its more subtle characteristics. The type family is equipped for complex, professional typography with OpenType Features like alternate letters, arrows and an extended character set to support most European Languages as well.

The Fonts provided on YouWorkForThem are designed to work on Macintosh and Windows systems. We also provide additional formats for website design (WebFonts), along with eBook and Mobile App licensing options. All of the available formats for this font are listed in the Buying Options tab above.

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