Do you have a friend that seems smarter, richer, hipper, and better traveled than all your other friends, yet they have a tiny apartment and few possessions? In fact, they own a folding table, two found chairs, a vase containing one flower, two coffee cups, and one picture. They are longer than the couch they sleep on, and a swift visual inspection indicates one closet only. They wear the same clothes often, but they are complimented on their style everywhere they go. What is this person doing, what do they have, that gives them this fluid mystique?

They have a picture on their wall by Dedi Setiyawan. That’s an impression born from Dedi’s careful presentation of orange, blue, and white in the Abstract Geometric Shapes available from this artist. And in other colors. What is it about geometric shapes and clarity, about the controlled or slightly uncontrolled distribution of solid colors that suggests smart, organized, on-point, factual? It’s not a literal picture, there’s no clear lesson there, yet it works.

Make this magic part of your artistic and social repertoire today. Make it a starting point. Next, clean a surface that’s already clean. Do it slowly. Put that slender vase right in the middle. Slip in a single flower. Pick up the place. Clean a window. Make some coffee. Make a couple calls. Scratch off the last item on the to-do list.


These shapes are great for social media, art, posters, backgrounds, web design, interior decorating mock ups, fashion, magazines. For being cool and in control. Mellow and always punctual. Organized, but never uptight. Free to think. Always ready to go.

Enjoy the world of Dedi Setiyawan. You’re going to feel good there. Let Dedi help you to show you with a hip collection of presentation templates, fonts and logos.

– 37 individual geometric shapes (.PNG in 5 color combinations)

– 20 individual organic shapes (.PNG in 5 color combinations)

– 2 Adobe Illustrator (CS3+) files with all shapes included

– 2 EPS files with all shapes included

– BONUS 10 hand-drawn floral illustrations (.eps)