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Testing Suit

changed the font world. But there hasn't been a good way to leverage all of OpenType's inherent power when shopping for fonts...until now. YouWorkForThem proudly announces TypeBrowser™, our all-new, browser-based, dynamic font previewing suite, which allows you to browse all of OpenType's powerful aspects before you buy. All four product page tabs have been improved to offer larger, clearer preview options, as follows:
Type Browser Images


YouWorkForThem was the first in the industry to offer these striking, unique slideshows, with beautiful, stylish designs created exclusively by each type designer or by our skilled in-house designers. est 2002.
Type Browser Specimen


Now dynamically renders fractions, small caps and much, much more. When you use the Specimen, all the power of OpenType is now rendered dynamically for you, as you let us try before you buy.
Type Browser Glyph


All-new glyph map will now display Every. Single. Glyph. Full language support, symbols and currency are all rendered. We're one of the few vendors online who can do this, and we do it the best.
Type Browser Type Tester

Type Tester

All-new rendering engine renders in six different sizes, from 200pt down to 25pt, and previews every single OpenType feature, including stylistic alternates, ligatures, swashes and much, much more.
TypeBrowser™ is the most powerful, creative OpenType previewing suite online, and we are proud to bring you these exclusive tools.
Impact is a realist and minimal sans-serif typeface designed by Geoffrey Lee in 1965 and released by the Stephenson Blake foundry. It was designed with ultra-thick strokes and compressed letterspacing.
Loudine is a striking decorative display typeface, great for posters, book covers and magazine headlines. It comes in two widths, each of them packed with a set of stylistic alternates.
With almost 300 glyphs, YWFT Agostina is both a workhorse and a must-own typeface. Must-own, because it's a modern sans-serif that contains both beginning caps and ending lowercase swash letters.
Polygraph is a highly unusual face that was inspired by the posters of Leszek Zebrowski. Packed with eccentric alternates, it is an all-caps font with four exchangeable variations for each letter.

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