Using Stock Audio for Designing: What Sounds Work Best for Your Brand?
Compelling media content requires compelling audio, which provide the emotion and increase viewer response. But with legal rights always a factor, you've likely avoided using the right music for your piece, out of fear of huge licensing fees, or even being sued. Even if you've gone for more generic audio, it's likely you couldn't find the ideal selection. Well, worry no more. Here at YouWorkForthem, we provide a wide selection of stock audio from superior designers and musicians. With
The Stock Audio of Adi Goldstein
Adi Goldstein is an Israeli musician, pianist, keyboardist, and composer with a lifetime of musical experience. His YouWorkforThem stock audio website home, called simply, "Adi Goldstein" includes dozens of a couple of dozen original compositions that can be purchased for use in corporate and motivational videos, as film background scores, summer audio, dance tunes or ambient and soundscape background sounds. They are dark and sad, epic and cinematic, children's music, and happy and
Cyber Monday > Our Biggest Sale Ever
Our always popular Cyber Monday sale has arrived and we have set hundreds of different fonts, graphics, videos and audio products on sale. Plus, our Cyber Monday sale lasts not just 1 day, but for an entire month! This exclusive end of year sale includes products designed by YouWorkForThem, The Northern Block, Michael Parson, Yellow Design Studio, BLKBK, Kyle Wayne Benson, Seniors Studio,Tipotype, TypeType, Heybing, Madsound, Foyle, Alpha, Juri
YouWorkForThem Stock Audio Sale
For a limited time only, download any of our in house (AUX) Stock Audio collections at 50% off. These are perfect for motion graphics and slideshow presentations, especially when you are in a rush to get a project pitch out the door. With collections starting as low as $7.50, now's the time to build up your stock audio toolbox! Sale ends December 3, 2014. Download Stock Audio Collections Entity A collection of stock audio tracks, blips and effects designed to help assist your
Unmuted: Stock Audio Returns to YWFT
Compelling visuals require compelling audio. For instance, the most frightening visual images lose all of their power with the speakers turned off. But what was it, exactly, that was scary...a shriek? A violin section? Both? Now you can explore the most striking collection of royalty-free Stock Audio anywhere online. With curated kits of melodies, atmospheres, sound effects, and many different types of music, it's easy to add the emotional elements that push your work to new heights–all
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