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GEOWAVES3 Vector Pack Embraces Programming to Create Abstract Art
Samuli Nivala is a visual designer and programmer from Helsinki, Finland. Samuli is a self-taught designer who has worked in both digital and print design settings and while he has about a decade of experience working in creative agencies, he continually seeks to learn as much as he can about design and programming. Samuli has done work for notable companies in Finland and throughout the world, including Nokia, Microsoft, and F-Secure, to name a few. Doing his best work in a digital
Fieldwork From TipoType Pairs Geometric And Humanist Letter Sets
Founded in 2009, TipoType was Uruguay’s very first digital type foundry, established in part by Vicente Lamónaca, the first designer in the country to release a digital font. Vicente paired with Fernando Diaz and Martín Sommaruga to establish TipoType, an endeavor that may have seemed like a ridiculously bold move at the time but one that would lead to great success in the years that followed. All three of the men behind TipoType share a love for their craft and a strong foundation
A Pragmatic and Geometric Sans Serif from The Northern Block: Paradroid
Before finding his way to graphic design and typography, Jonathan Hill actually trained as a painter and decorator because his math and English scores were a bit below the entry requirements for most design colleges. After becoming a decorator, however, he felt his skills would be put to better use elsewhere. With college entry requirements loosening somewhat, he enrolled in art school in West Yorkshire. There, he worked on his draftsmanship and perspective drawing, both of which would later
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