DSType Foundry and Studio is a Cultural Architect in Font Design
Brilliantly combining sharp South American flavor with European sensibilities, the world-class type foundry DSType has consistently adapted to meet the growing demand for non-Latin fonts and other typographic projects in the 20+ years since their founding, and their list of clients is almost as impressive as their sharp and creative font designs. Founded in Portugal in 1994 by Dino dos Santos, DSType has been delivering unique, high-quality typefaces to satisfied customers all around the
Estilo Pro
We quietly fell in with this font last year...so it's only right that we give a special mention today to Estilo Pro by DSType. Loaded with sharp edges and five weights, from Hairline to Bold, Estilo Pro includes an extraordinary set of features like Alternate Characters, Initial Swashes, Ending Swashes, Ligatures, Ornaments and Drop Caps in a total of 1000 glyphs per weight. Open up the Type Tester tab to preview these amazing OpenType features. Estilo Pro contains so many OpenType
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