An Elegant Sans Serif And Script Font Duo From Eko Bimantara: Musk
Based in Indonesia, Eko Bimantara has spent the last decade working in the field of visual art and graphic design. His experience has given him a rich appreciation for solid typography, one that would eventually inspire a fierce passion for type design. Eko's own work in typography focuses on meeting the specific needs of graphic designers. With a background in branding, he understands exactly how font choice can make or break a project's overall success. When it comes to type design, he
The Art & History of the P22 Type Foundry
P22 Type Foundry is truly a gem in YouWorkForThem's catalog of impressive foundries. P22 has won dozens of awards–once winning 11 in a single year–and maintains partnerships with over a dozen museums including The Guggenheim, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and other world-famous museums and galleries. What makes P22's work so fascinating is that their production process is like no other foundry's. P22's stated goal is "to present historical
Silk Road by BLKBK
As always, BLKBK have given us a unique introduction to their latest release, Silk Road. "The world opened up. Sightlines to the shimmering horizon. Arid to the west, humid to the east, the infinite promise of space above, a Silk Road scratched out of the earth." Grab this latest release by them and save 20% off until October 31, 2015 as introductory offer. Download Silk Road Font Silk Road was published by BLKBK on October 13,
Black Marble
This year the foundry BLKBK has been rolling out new releases like wild, and today we are happy present their latest design titled Black Marble. As always, they have presented us with a humorous little description for the release: "Under the pressure of literal continents, suffering the super-hot intrusions of magma, if stone were a man he might break. But a crystallizing purpose founds folded foliations and Black Marble forms foundations for new mineral formations." Nuff'
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