Michelle Khoury

Incorporate Gorgeous Floral Arrangements With Tropical Elements Watercolor Package
A graphic designer for more than a decade, Michelle Khoury has been an artist since she was a young child. She's an incredibly talented painter with a love for watercolor artwork and nature, two things that inspired her to establish Bloomella, her own studio dedicated to those things. Much of her work focuses on vintage-style illustration and painting, using colors that are soft yet bright. Her inspiration comes from the great outdoors and the things she finds during her travels, but
Add Hand-Painted Floral Design Elements With Blue Hue Flower Watercolor Package
Michelle Khoury is a visual artist and graphic designer with a serious love for flowers, foliage, and the beauty found everywhere in nature. While she has more than a decade of graphic design experience under her belt, Michelle has been painting ever since her childhood. Much of her inspiration stems from her travels throughout the world, the fresh air, flora, and fauna serving as Michelle's perpetual muse. As the owner of Bloomella, a studio and website dedicated to vintage and watercolor
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