Add Guilloche Flair To Your Designs With Brush 37 From Sigma
Intricate decorations and flourishes have the ability to create a polished appearance in any work of art, whether you're working in traditional or digital media. Ornamental details are powerful additions, but as designers, let's be honest... sometimes they can be a real pain in the ass to create. Brush 37, part of Sigma's Guilloche series, is a vector brush set of 25 designs for crafting elaborate patterns and highly detailed flourishes with ease. The term, "guilloche," actually refers
Craft Intricate Design Flourishes With Empire Brush 02 Vectors From Sigma
Back in the days when most television displays were still black and white, kids had pretty basic things to play with. There were rocks, and sticks, and dirt... along with other favorites that included GI Joe, Barbie, and the Easy-Bake Oven. To this day, we're absolutely amazed that a brownie could be cooked to perfection using a light bulb. In the mid 1960s, child artists around the world swooned over the release of Spirograph, a toy that used plastic gears, some cardboard, paper, and a
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