Dave Squid Cohen

Dave Squid Cohen
Dave is a sculptor, illustrator and type designer. Known in the lowbrow art scene as "Squid", he has been a key figure in the Tiki revival scene, having sculpted master models for over 200 Tiki mugs. As a type designer, he partners with Stuart Sandler under the Sideshow and Neapolitan foundry names. Those fonts are available right here at YouWorkForThem.com. Just search "Sideshow" or "Neapolitan" under Designers. All vector illustrations by Dave begin life as real drawings made with real ink on real paper! Really!
Dave Squid Cohen has contributed 6 products.
Stock Designer Ranking: 158
Highest Rank Achieved: 55
Banners Frames and Borders
Banners, Frames & Borders 2
Mister Konky
Retro Audio
Squid's Squlls
Tiki Toons
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