Bobbysox TT Font

Bobbysox TT Font
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Bobbysox TT Font
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Who would have thought that mixing roman and italic letterforms within the same font would work? Well, Bobbysox proves that you can, and with stunning results. Its designer, Alan Dempsey, has been creating letterforms for many years and his latest offering is the result of someone who likes to experiment and try out the unusual, or the unlikely! The selection of italic d, n, t and u letterforms to insert in an otherwise roman font was carefully considered and only determined when extensive text settings gave the kind of "texture" that was even and well balanced. However, for the less adventurous, the capital letterforms do provide for more conventional typography. The geometric construction of Bobbysox, the unusual italic "inserts", and the mix of capital and lowercase letterforms make it distinctly different from other types in this category and provides the designer with a font that creates a very strong contemporary appearance.
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Sep 26, 2011
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Bobbysox TT
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