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Runway is the font that will satisfy the need for speed in your design. Simple lines and curves, a commanding slant, and big sturdy shapes made to cruise at any speed or altitude, through summer breeze or horrible snowstorms. Runway was designed to be tight like an engine chain, powerful like the hum of the engine itself, and simply the best choice when it comes to strength and velocity in design. Initially Runway was meant to be a single font. But during the spacing and kerning stages, Patrick noticed that most of the letters, especially the vowels and the s, can clasp stylishly with the L or the T to make some really funky combinations. That's how the Alternates font was born. After building a few alternates and about 40 'clasped' combinations around the L and the T, the decision was made to take Runway to the next level: OpenType. The OpenType version of Runway is a single font that contains some serious font magic. Some of the many features the font includes: Over 430 characters for that great character map utility you have, automatic to-and-fro small-capping, discretionary ligatures that call up some pretty funky combinations automatically as you type, and a lot of stylistic and contextual alternates for many characters, ligatures and composites. If your design program of choice supports the features of OpenType fonts (Illustrator CS, Photoshop CS, InDesign CS), then you're in for a lot of enjoyment playing with Runway. For those who don't fancy OpenType or can't handle it, Runway is also available (in Regular, Caps and Alt styles) in the usual font formats for both Mac and PC.
Standard, Access All Alternates, Capitals to Small Caps, Contextual Alternates, Discretionary Ligatures, Standard Ligatures, Stylistic Alternates, Small Caps, Titling Alternates
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Jun 10, 2006
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