YWFT Agostina

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YWFT Agostina
YWFT Agostina
YWFT Agostina
YWFT Agostina
YWFT Agostina
YWFT Agostina
YWFT Agostina
YWFT Agostina
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Posted on Dec 01, 2008
Product Ranking: 11810
Highest Rank Achieved: 62
With almost 300 characters, YWFT Agostina is both a workhorse and a must-own typeface. Must-own, because it's a modern sans-serif design that contains both beginning caps and ending lowercase swash letters, available easily via opentype. These special swash options open the door for endless typographic possibilities, and result in dynamic body content and headers that are simply delicious. YWFT Agostina also extends with full Latin letter designs and offers alternate character designs as well. YWFT Agostina was our second-best-selling font in 2009. Designed by Mike Cina.
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