LTC Halloween Ornaments

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LTC Halloween Ornaments
LTC Halloween Ornaments
LTC Halloween Ornaments
LTC Halloween Ornaments
LTC Halloween Ornaments
LTC Halloween Ornaments
LTC Halloween Ornaments
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Posted on Jan 06, 2011
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Halloween is a time when perfectly reasonable people choose to reenact some lost pagan rituals. No one seems to know why exactly, but Halloween has been celebrated in its present form for a little over one hundred years. This new set of ornaments dates back to the early 20th century and depicts a "classic" Halloween collection of black cats, pumpkins, witches and other indispensable Halloween ornaments.

For character key map, please see the enclosed key chart.

Most of the characters are based on a 1000M unit square in increments of 250 M. In this font, the space bar is 1000 M
Hyphen is 500 M
Underscore is 250 M

Two Part Guide:
To make use of the two part/two color ornaments (U, V, W, X, Y & Z), the font must be used in a program that allows for layers OR kerning.

Kerning: This is the simplest way to have perfect alignment of the two part ornaments. For such decorative treatments, large sizes (over 72 pt.) show best results.

1) Simply type the lower case character, then a space, then the same character in upper case (the constructed letter) just like this:
u U
v V
w W
x X
y Y
z Z
2) Highlight the first character and choose a second color (Orange is always a good classic Halloween color to go with black)
3) Remove the space between the two characters and kerning will merge the two letters into one two color character.

The other way to do the same thing is to layer one text box over the other in a program such as Photoshop.
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