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Tapeworm™ is a font family designed to simulate newspaper headlines which have been printed with a light ink coverage.
Tapeworm Tapeworm Tapeworm Tapeworm Tapeworm Tapeworm
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Posted on Oct 12, 2012
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Tapeworm™ is a font family designed to simulate newspaper headlines which have been printed with a light ink coverage.

The Tapeworm™ family includes solid versions of the regular and oblique speckled characters, allowing you to control the colour of the speckle by layering speckled characters over the same text set in solid characters. The solid versions have had all speckle removed, and also look very interesting when set on their own.

One of the most useful effects you can create by using both the regular and solid Tapeworm™ fonts is an authentic smudge or ink misprint. This can be accomplished by colouring the solid fonts with a colour that is in between the colour of the speckled text and the colour of the background, and then layering the text as described above.

(1) If the speckled text is black and the background is going to be white, then try colouring the solid text 50% black.
(2) If the speckled text is red (C100, M100, K15) and the background is going to be a beige (C20 M20, Y20), then try colouring the solid text at the halfpoint values C60, M60, Y10, K7.5.

While there are no real lowercase letters in the Tapeworm™ fonts, there are alternate versions of the uppercase characters found in the lowercase character slots, allowing you to create a more authentic textural variation in the set text. When you are setting words which contain double letters (as in the words "BETTER TEETH"), we suggest you utilize both character sets in order to create a more dynamic look.

For PC users, the new fonts are not referred to as Solids due to font naming limitations in the PC world. Instead they are simply called the Tapeworm™ Bold and Tapeworm™ BoldOblique fonts and can be accessed in the usual way.
Because the Tapeworm™ fonts have so much speckle, the file sizes for these fonts is greater than on your average fonts and involve many more points within each character design. As a result, printers with only a small amount RAM may have trouble printing more than one of the fonts at the same time (i.e you may encounter trouble printing both the Tapeworm™ Regular and Tapeworm™ Oblique at the same time or when they are on the same page). In such cases, you should be able to eliminate this problem by using only one Tapeworm™ font at a time. Printers loaded with lots of RAM should not encounter this difficulty.

Each font in the Tapeworm™ family has a full character set of 232+ letterforms, with all characters designed in the style of the font.
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