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A Spencerian Ladies Hand styled calligraphic typeface.
Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy
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Posted on Feb 02, 2014
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This Ladies' Hand Style font is very (somewhat) similar to ornamental penmanship, but uses slightly longer ascenders and descenders and a modest shading. Originally the Ladies' Hand had less flourishings, which was ideal for writing long letters. Even though its name suggests it was a feminine writing style, it was widely used by most male penmen and even Spencer reserved the use of the Ladies' style to write to his close friends and relatives, as he considered it a more sincere and heartfelt style.

This present typeface is not restricted to the simplicity of the original Ladies' Hand Capitals, and has several OpenType features and flourished capitals which create a very versatile typeface, while maintaning the elegance of its style.
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