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1543 Humane Jenson Font

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Posted on Jun 22, 2016
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In 1543 the well-known “De humani corporis fabrica” treatise on anatomy by André Vesale, was printed by Johann Oporinus in Basel (Switzerland). Various typefaces were used for this work, mostly in Latin but including Greek characters. Its Jenson-type font was the one which inspired this font.

It is a very elegant one, including the “long s”, a few abbreviation forms and ligatures. As it was a Latin text, there were no accented characters and a few capitals were absent. I had to reconstruct them.

This font may be used as a “modern” one for web-site, posters and flyer designs, publishing ancient texts... and anything else you want! One of the most elegant types ever cut, it stands up very well to enlargement, remaining as readable as in its original small size.
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