Why is my credit card being declined?

99.9% of the time, your bank is declining the charge and only they can solve this issue. We strongly recommend you contact your bank and ask them why the charge was declined. It could be you entered incorrect information, or they have incorrect information, or they think the charge is not normal card activity. (“Fonts? Is that like a fountain?”) Please note–we are not declining your charge! We want your business!

Why are there multiple charges on my account?

If you submitted your charge multiple times, it will show multiple charges. This does NOT mean you’ve been charged multiple times. This is just activity from the attempts. Those activity notices go away in 3-5 business days, depending on your Bank.

I placed a lot of orders and now I’m being declined?

If you try to process numerous orders within a short period of time, our system will automatically start to decline the charges for security reasons (submitting 10 order attempts in 10 minutes for example). During this time, we ask that you contact your bank to confirm the activity, then return in 1-2 hours and try your order again.

How do I install Fonts?

This can vary between Windows and Macintosh users, so we suggest you check with each company’s personal instructions. We do not support third-party font management applications. More details for your situation can be found at either Apple or Microsoft.

Can I re-download my ordered previous purchases?

Once you purchase something from YouWorkForThem, it’s yours forever. Just log in and you can download past purchases anytime you wish, via your account order history or the downloads section. Please note, however, that due to our store upgrades in 2010, items purchased prior to that year might not be at the same location. If you have problems re-downloading your past purchases, please contact us us and we’ll try and sort you out.

Can I get a refund for my purchase?

Downloadable fonts and stock art are not returnable or refundable once downloaded (we log when items are downloaded), for obvious reasons. If your purchase is proven defective and you notify us within 10 days of your purchase, we will either provide a replacement/update to that item or refund your money.

What Does a Desktop License Cover?

Yes Can I create items with the font like coffee mugs, pencils, posters, greeting cards (etc.) to be sold for profit?
Yes Can I create t-shirts, hats and other items of clothing with the font to be sold for profit?
Yes Can I create graphical titles, credits, or captions for a movie or TV show?
Yes Can I create a logo for my business, or for my friend’s business?
Yes I’m a designer. Can I create a logo, website and/or merchandise for my clients using the font?
No If me or my clients become huge and worldwide with the brand I created, will I or they need to pay more later?
Yes Can I give the font to a printer, designer or developer on a temporary basis to create things for me?
Yes I realize I can’t modify the font itself, but can I modify the outlines in Illustrator to make changes?
Yes Can I embed the font in a read-only PDF document and email it to people, sell it, or make it available on my website?
No Can I use a dingbat to create a logo or product where the main image is the dingbat?
No Can I use the font to make house numbers or stamps that would then be sold one letter at a time?
No Can I embed the font into a desktop or mobile application, eBook, phone, TV or other smart device?
No Can I use the font in my web service that allow my customers to compose items such as business cards, marketing materials, collateral items and photobooks?

I’m getting validation errors when installing my font purchase into FontBook.

FontBook has been know to be overzealous with its error/warning messages since the release of OS X 10.8. The majority of the time, there is actually nothing wrong with the font and all you need to do is simply check the box listed at the bottom to proceed. Simply ignore the message, check the box, install, and enjoy your font.

I wanted to purchase the Desktop OpenType + WebFont bundle, how do I fix my order?

If you purchased one of the font buying options (Desktop or WebFont) on their own but intended to purchase the bundle option for the discounted price, this can easily be corrected by visiting the Manage License section of your account. Once you select the upgrade option you would like, you will only be charged the upgrade price, the same as if you had purchased it during your original order.