When it comes to font licensing, YouWorkForThem is here to help you navigate the process and ensure that you’re using fonts correctly and legally. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 questions we often receive from our clients, and we’re providing our answers to help clarify the font licensing process for you.

1. What is font licensing?

When you purchase a font from YouWorkForThem, you’re not buying the font itself. The font software and the design of the typeface remain the property of the owner. You’re purchasing a license to use the font software and the design of the typeface, which includes a set of terms and restrictions defining how you can use it.

2. Can I use a font without a license?

In most situations, no. Obviously, if you design your own font or commission a font to be designed for you, then you own that font. But in most situations, you are licensing a font that has been created by a designer or typographer, and you must abide by the terms of their license.

3. How do I know if a font is licensed for commercial use?

The easiest way is simply to contact us at YouWorkForThem. We can search our own licensing database or contact the designer/owner of the font to check for you.

4. What is the difference between a desktop and web font license?

They are different types of computer files and are licensed differently. A Desktop license is a file that can be installed on a computer for your personal or professional use, and is typically an OpenType or TrueType file. A web font is a file that is installed on a web server to be accessed by the code for a web page, and is typically an EOT, WOFF2, or WOFF file. (See more at How to use Web Fonts)

5. Can I use a font for a client project if I have a personal use license?

Yes, providing that the use for the client project falls within the conditions granted by the license. If the client project is large-scale or requires the font to be used in broadcast content, for example, you would need to extend your basic license for use in the client project.

6. What is the duration of a font license?

A basic Desktop or web font license is perpetual and worldwide by default. Only the extensions to the Desktop license can carry duration or territory limitations.

7. How many devices can I install a font on with a license?

The standard YouWorkForThem Desktop Font license covers two devices by default. If you need more, you can easily expand that to cover the specific number you require. Please note, some fonts are provided under the designers own license, which may differ from our terms.

8. Can I modify a licensed font and still use it commercially?

Yes, as long as you’re not re-licensing it to other parties. Just be aware that the terms of the license will still apply as they would to the unmodified version.

9. How do I transfer a font license to someone else?

You can’t transfer a font license. However, you can purchase a font license on behalf of another party, such as a client. Once your order has been placed, you’ll have the option to specify the licensee if it’s different from the name on the order, allowing for correct license documentation.

10. What happens if I use a font without proper font licensing?

Any unlicensed IP use is a serious matter. Any such unlawful use of the font software infringes upon the exclusive intellectual property rights and/or copyrights of the designer and can have serious legal consequences. It is important to make sure you have the proper license(s) in place.

Also: Can I use your fonts to make a logo?

In general, yes, but be informed and read the license because any broadcast and large volume corporate use might require license extensions. We cover this topic in more depth on our blog.

Need Help with Font Licensing? We’re Here for You

We hope that our answers to these top 10 questions have helped you better understand font licensing and its various aspects. At YouWorkForThem, we’re committed to helping you navigate the font licensing process and ensuring that you use fonts legally and correctly for your personal and corporate projects. If you have any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance.