You might be surprised at just how many fonts have OpenType features and what they can do for you.

Think of a font as a bag of frozen peas. We know that sounds totally ridiculous, but hear us out. On the surface, that bag contains nothing more than exactly what it says on the label: Peas.

If you look closer, that bag of peas actually has a hole in it – OpenType – and it’s the happy place where someone stashed candy bars, special treats that have been tucked away just out of view. They remain easily accessible if you know where to look, but no one else even knows they’re there because all they see at first glance is a basic bag of peas.

OpenType works exactly like that. If you dig just a little deeper beneath the surface of a font, you can find some amazing things. OpenType features might contain alternative letterings, substitutions, additions, or embellishments that you wouldn’t otherwise have noticed. Swashes, for instance, are powerful additions for decorative or graphic displays, and they also add an extra punch when used in attention-grabbing headlines or titles.

Take our popular font, Agostina, for example. In its most basic form, Agostina is a modern, unassuming type design with little in the way of frills or fanfare. When we access and apply some of the OpenType swashes, however, Agostina morphs into an unexpectedly curvy, bolder, and much sexier version of itself.

While countless fonts have special OpenType features available, most fonts don’t come with swashes and we think that’s a shame. That’s why we’ve put together The Swash Collection, a stockpile of 1000 swashes that can be applied to any font. The design possibilities are truly endless when you consider that, with just a few swashy additions, you can take literally any font to a brand new and totally unique level!

These swashes are in vector .EPS format so we recommend that you use a vector editing program. They can be used in Photoshop, just be aware that your editing capabilities might be limited.

To use these swashes, copy and paste a swash into your design, adjust its color to match your existing text, tweak the angle and size however you desire, and you’re done! They’re easy to use, and unlike swashes accessed through a font’s OpenType function, these swashes are fully customizable! Heck, you don’t even have to use them in typography – they can be applied to any type of design!

To celebrate our 15th year online, for the entire year, YouWorkForThem is offering this massive collection of 1000 swashes for just $2. Yeah, you read that right: two bucks! You can’t even buy a cup of coffee with that, but you know what you could do? Design a thousand coffee graphics that use these swashes.

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Font Credits: Acto, Dead Stock, TT Bluescreens, YWFT Merry, Blakely, Quendel, Solido Compact, TT Chocolates, YWFT Black Slabbath, YWFT Chance, YWFT Coltrane, Faith and Glory, Cinderblock and Garris.